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Day: November 10, 2021

November 10, 2021

Would you consider teeth whitening near you to be safe? Many wish that their smiles were whiter than white. They are struggling with the thought of whether they are at risk with teeth whitening procedures or not. What would a dentist near you say about this?

Luckily, teeth whitening techniques have been around for yonkers, and overall it’s seen as safe. There are still some factors that require your personal attention once you decide on starting treatment, whether at the dentist’s office or at home.

Should You Whiten Your Teeth or Not?

Just take a good look around you, and you will soon notice that just about everyone has stained teeth. Numerous lifestyle factors work against your resolve to maintain white teeth.

Let’s examine some of the daily habits that stand in the way of obtaining white teeth:

● Drinking tea, coffee, or any other dark liquid may leave your teeth stained.
● We are using tobacco products that contain tar or smoking cigarettes.
● Not brushing our teeth or falling into the trap of skimping how long we brush our teeth.
● Tooth injury or trauma.
● Things like dental fluorosis may also result in staining issues and the use of tetracycline antibiotics from a young age.

Regardless of why your teeth remain stained, you may start thinking about using a teeth whitening treatment to help whiten your smile at one point or another. It is reassuring that there is hardly any harm with stained teeth; as long as they are free from cavities and the gums are healthy, you will be fine.

It all depends on your particular preferences and how you picture your smile as to whether you will opt for teeth whitening in Toronto Beaches or not.

Evaluate Factors That May Stand in the Way of a Successful Teeth Whitening Procedure

From the moment you decide to go ahead with a teeth whitening treatment, your next step is to examine additional factors that may prevent you from achieving a successful teeth whitening treatment procedure.

Color of Your Teeth

Patients with a yellowish tint to their teeth usually have excellent results, but this is not always the case for patients with: a brownish hue (caused by overexposure to fluoride) or a gray hue. Such patients may require multiple teeth-whitening procedures to achieve the desired effects.

Teeth Whitening Agent You Use

The type of whitening chemical you use makes a huge impact on the success of your teeth whitening treatment. While over-the-counter whitening treatments may be less expensive, in-office teeth whitening is safer and more effective, with numerous advantages, including:

● Treatment time is reduced.
● More consistent results
● Long-lasting and natural-looking results
● There are fewer touch-ups necessary.

Condition of Your Teeth Including Oral Health

How successful or even viable a teeth whitening procedure will be determined by your dental health and the condition of your teeth. Why? If you have cavities or plaque buildup on your teeth, they will not whiten as well as teeth without these conditions.

As a result, you should see your dentist in Toronto Beaches for cleaning before beginning any teeth whitening procedure to ensure a strong foundation for the teeth whitening solutions.

Pay Attention to Your Lifestyle

The success of your teeth whitening procedure and the duration of the outcomes are heavily influenced by your lifestyle choices and the foods and beverages you consume. If you want your teeth to stay white for a long time, you should:

● Avoid the use of tobacco products and smoking.
● Reduce your intake of acidic foods.
● Limit your intake of dark-colored beverages like soda, wine, tea, and coffee.
● Visit your local dental clinic regularly for cleanings.

To learn more about the costs and benefits associated with an in-office teeth whitening treatment, visit Toronto Beach Dental.

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