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Avulsed Tooth Questions?

November 24, 2017

When a tooth is completely displaced (out of its socket) due to trauma, it is referred to as an avulsed tooth. This is one of the few dental emergency situations that needs immediate attention. It is important to understand the right steps to take in this situation. Wondering what to do? We’ve got the answers.

1. Make sure the avulsed tooth is permanent. These tips do not apply to primary (baby teeth).
2. Keep the patient calm.
3. Locate the tooth and pick it up by the crown (white part). Try to refrain from touching the root.
4. If the tooth is dirty, you can quickly wash it for 10 seconds under cold water and reposition it. Hold the tooth in place and have the patient bite down to secure it.
5. If it is not possible to place the tooth back, put it inside of a glass of milk or saline if possible.
6. The tooth can also be transported to your dentist in the mouth if kept between your molars and the inside of your cheeks. However, if the patient is young they could swallow the tooth and it is not advised to use this method.
7. Avoid storing the tooth in water.
8. Seek emergency dental treatment as soon as possible.

For a friendly reminder of what to do, check out this illustration from the International Association of Dental Traumatology:




Remember, an avulsed tooth is a serious dental matter. Contact us at Toronto Beach Dental for any dental emergencies in Toronto!

– Dr. Jay Rabinovich



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