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Clearing The Crown Canal Confusion.

August 22, 2016

There is some confusion among patients with respect to the relationship between crowns (caps) and root canals. Many people think that if you need a crown, you need a root canal. It’s important to have an understanding of the connection between the two treatments. We recommend capping teeth for various reasons. One of them is if a tooth has ALREADY had a root canal. In most cases (but not all), teeth that have root canals are prone to cracking. Sometimes they crack in a catastrophic way and can not be saved. A crown will most likely prevent that from happening. There are times when we recommend crowns and the tooth has NOT had a root canal. Examples would be if a filling would be too large to be done properly or for aesthetic reasons to redesign a smile. In those cases, if the nerve is healthy, there would be no reason to do a root canal. So to simplify: If a tooth has a root canal, it should be crowned. If a tooth needs a crown, it does not necessarily need a root canal.

–  Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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