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Be The Outlier!

March 21, 2017

If you haven’t read the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, you really should. I just finished it. It helps to understand why some people become the best at what they do, or become ‘outliers’. Of course their god given skill is a huge factor, but so was opportunity. An interesting fact that Gladwell discovers is that among all of them, it took approximately 10,000 hours of work/practice to achieve a level of excellence. As I embark on my 30th year of practice (at this point I’m nervous writing this: I can see everyone thinking he’s that old, maybe his eyesight is failing or his hands are shaky. Relax everyone, I graduated at 23), I was wondering how many hours I’ve put in to practicing dentistry. Turns out to be, conservatively, around 45,000 hours. While I will continue to practice, I have set my sights on a new goal: To obtain the worlds over 90 number one ranking in tennis. I think this is achievable for two reasons. 1. It amounts to only 45 minutes of practice a day until I get there (hopefully) and 2. I’m thinking the field of competition will be small.

Here’s looking forward to 2055.

– Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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