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Tough Times? Relieve The Gum Recession!

July 20, 2016

We all know the saying ‘getting long in the tooth’. It refers to someone who is older (and hopefully wiser). It stems from the fact that as we age, our gum line recedes and our teeth appear longer. When this happens, it can have an effect on our appearance if we have a gummy smile, it can lead to areas in our mouth that are more difficult to clean, and it can lead to sensitivity to temperature. This last consequence occurs because our roots have no enamel covering them and are therefore not as insulated as the crowns of our teeth. There are ways to combat these issues from the simple to the complex. From a hygiene point of view, there are many devices designed to help you get into areas that are now trapping debris. For the sensitivity, there are sensitive toothpastes available as a first line of defence. There are also professional desensitizing agents available to your dentist if you need more help. Don’t suffer with the effects of getting long in the tooth. Speak to your dentist or hygienist; your issues may be resolved easier than you might think.

Posted in Blog by Jade