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Healthy Smile = Healthy Heart?

December 19, 2016
Taking good care of your oral hygiene, especially your gums, helps more than just a pretty smile. It may keep your heart healthy too. There is a lot of emphasis on the word ‘may’ as it is an ongoing debate on the link between the two. The correlation hasn’t been proven, but there are threads of evidence that suggest a relationship. Inflammation is a common issue with both heart disease and gum disease. At the beginning stages of gum disease – the gums become inflamed and bacteria takes over the mouth. In heart disease, the inflammation is similar with the hardening of arteries. In addition, the bacteria found in gum disease is also found in the blood vessels of clogged arteries. Although research can’t confirm taking care of one problem will directly take care of the other… I will say severe gum disease does put you at an increased risk for heart and blood vessel problems. We can work to reduce your heart risk by ensuring good periodontal care – but best to cover your bases… by taking special care of both your heart and your teeth!
– Dr. Jay Rabinovich 
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