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How to Keep your Gums Healthy

September 10, 2018

Your oral health does not solely depend on having straight, healthy and white teeth. Keeping your gums healthy is an important part of a proper oral care routine to ensure optimal dental health. At Toronto Beach Dental, we make sure that our patients know how to keep their gums healthy in order to prevent  and manage gum disease.

There are many things that a person can do to take care of their gums, and they aren’t difficult to follow. The main step is to ensure a regular and proper oral healthcare routine. Brushing your teeth twice daily along with flossing at least once a day and keeping your tongue clean by scraping it once a day will keep bacteria from adhering to your gums and in between teeth. Also, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with a therapeutic mouthwash and maintain a healthy dental diet (cut off your sugar intake).

When brushing your teeth, please make sure that you do it properly with the right strokes. According to the Canadian Dental Association, you should brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle and roll the brush away from the gums.

In addition to a proper oral care routine, you should avoid smoking to prevent gum disease. Smoking can weaken your immune system and in turn, makes it harder to fight against gum infection. Another important step is to make sure you visit your dentist regularly. Have professional dental cleaning to ensure that your teeth and gums are clean.

If you want to know more about how to keep your gums healthy, contact our dental office in Toronto. Our dental team will looks forward to taking care of your beautiful smile!

-Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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