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Need “Impact” Wisdom? – We’ve Got You Covered!

September 13, 2016

It seems to me that there is confusion surrounding the word impacted, especially as it relates to wisdom teeth. The word in general terms means covered. Wisdom teeth can be covered by bone and gum tissue, gum tissue alone or partially covered. When wisdom teeth are completely covered and sealed from the oral environment, such that no bacteria or debris can get to them…I feel for the most part,they should be left alone. Problems arise when wisdom teeth are half in/half out. In those cases, it is difficult to clean underneath the tissue that is overtop the tooth and that can lead to cavities and/or infections. At that point, a discussion of risk of leaving vs. risk of removal should be had. Wisdom teeth are not the only teeth that can be impacted. Eye and/or other teeth can be impacted as well. Sometimes these teeth are brought into the mouth with orthodontics, if deemed appropriate. Sometimes they are just left alone if they are doing no harm and the bite and aesthetics are acceptable. As always, there are a multitude of factors to consider and decisions can only be made once all options, including pros and cons, are discussed.

– Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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