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Medical Check Required!

February 24, 2017

When filling out forms at your initial visit at a dental office, you’ll notice multiple questions about your medical history. They may feel like personal questions and you may wonder what they have to do with your teeth. The fact is your medical history is very important to your dentist to take safe and competent care of you. Whether it’s an illness (e.g. blood pressure info can allow us to choose the appropriate freezing to give you; kidney or liver issues will alter drug recommendations) or meds you are taking (e.g. lots of drugs interact in a dangerous way, even common decongestants ; you may not be aware that some antibiotics interfere with contraceptives), you never know how it may relate to the work we have to do. This holds true for simple cleanings or more extensive work. Information of existing illnesses can also help explain conditions in the mouth (you’d be surprised how they show up) that otherwise would be very difficult to diagnose.

Recent hospital visits can mean postponed dental treatment and a check up with your health physician first. For example, someone who has suffered a heart attack, even if it’s mild, should not have ANY dental treatment for at least 6 months. People with recent joint replacements must be dealt with more cautiously. Knowing any existing medical issues can allow us to prepare for any potential emergencies (thankfully they rarely occur) that may come up.

I could list dozens of medical conditions and meds that are important to your dentist that you may think trivial and not worth mentioning. I ask patients every time I see them, if there have been any changes in their health or meds they are taking. Please mention them! It is only in your best interest.

-Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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