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The Laughing Matter

January 6, 2017

Ever wonder what puts you into that giddy, day-dream state before a dental procedure? The answer, Nitrous Oxide! Or ‘Nitrous” for short. This gas has natural sources, and has been used for over 150 years in the industry. Dental procedures can be nerve-racking or stressful for patients. However, Nitrous Oxide can be used to calm or bring comfort in these situations. The gas is non-flammable, non-toxic and is used as an anesthetic. Its pain relieving effects act quickly. The gas meets the brain in 20 seconds and within 2-3 minutes, you will feel the calming pain-free relief! Typically, four levels of sedation can be experienced: 1. arms and legs can experience a slight tingling sensation, 2. overall warm sensation, 3. feelings of well-being and bliss, and 4. a sense of drowsiness. Any physiological effects (such as the giggles) only last a minute or two, but is hard to forget to those around you! Hence the term, “laughing gas” was born! Now tell anyone who doesn’t like the dentist… why be afraid of a little laughing matter?

– Dr. Jay Rabinovich, Toronto Beach Dental

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