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Open Wide!

July 12, 2016

Back to the grind after 6 days in Iceland. What an interesting country. We arrived at midnight local time and it seemed like day. We were there for the summer solstice and it never got dark. In fact, it never got dark for the entire six days. Very strange. It seems we never got tired. We were able to walk around Reykjavik at all hours and always felt very safe. The country seems to have gotten things right. There is an abundance of awesome restaurants (although a little heavy on the wallet) and no shortage of adventurous, well organized activities to choose from. We didn’t have enough time to see the entire country, so we made Reykjavik our home base and chose day excursions from there. The highlight of the trip was being lowered 600 ft. into an empty magma chamber of a dormant volcano. The attached picture shows the open cage elevator that safely took us down and brought us back out. The only place on the planet where you can do this. It was the reward for an hour long hike across a barren lava field which made you question if you were still on planet earth.

– Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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