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Prevent “Pregnancy Gingivitis”.

May 24, 2016
What happens if I’m pregnant and I need dental care? Hopefully it never comes to that, but the health of mom is just as important as the baby’s. Generally, we don’t like to do anything until the baby is born, except for cleanings. We suggest increasing the frequency of cleanings to avoid ‘pregnancy gingivitis’. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause gums to react to plaque and tartar buildup more than usual. Coming to the hygienist a little more often can help alleviate these changes. As far as dental work is concerned, emergencies only. If we can, delaying until the second trimester is preferable and any medications that need to be prescribed would always be done so in consultation with the patients OB/GYN.
Dr. Jay Rabinovich
Posted in Blog by Jade