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Recommended Read!

October 3, 2017
I rarely recommend books I read. Too many opinions and too many tastes. But I did just finish a book I think everyone should pick up. Title: Sapiens (Written by Yuval Noah Harari). Anyone of us who try to navigate the craziness we see on a daily basis today should read this book to help understand the state of the planet and our place in it. It begins by describing the great crossroads of the planet:  The cognitive revolution of 70,000 years ago where we differentiated ourselves from all the other inhabitants of the planet, including other humans. The agricultural revolution of 12,000 years ago where food determined our way of life, and of course, the industrial revolution of 200 years ago. It explains the origins of money and of religion, of colonialism and gender bias and why minor, seemingly unimportant events, shaped the world we see and question. And in the end, if leaves questions and provoking thought about what type of  future our planet and our species will be facing. If you decide to take my advice …. enjoy. 
– Dr. Jay Rabinovich