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The Smoking Alternative

July 17, 2017

Health Canada has set an aggressive target to reduce the numbers of Canadians who smoke to 5%. However, the most recent prediction is that the 9% of us will still be smoking by the year 2036. That’s still approximately 3 million Canadians. Some people have turned to E-cigarettes to help them quit. To date, nicotine containing E-cigarettes are not approved in Canada and has such have not been approved as a smoking cessation method. Still, many people choose to try and, in fact, they may help in that regard. The issue is: Are they safe from a health perspective? It is true that they don’t contain tar. However, they do contain elements produced by the vaporization of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and aromas. No long term studies have been conducted yet to determine the long term effects to the mouth and respiratory tract. Short term studies show definite changes to the subgingival microbiome (the micro-organisms that normally live below the gum line) and the presence of 51 biomarkers (substances in those organisms that indicate disease, infection or environmental exposure). Long story short, don’t assume E-cigarettes are safe. Long term vaping may cause issues similar to conventional smoking.


– Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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