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Dear Toronto Beach, Paste or Bleach?

August 9, 2016

How effective are whitening toothpastes? In my opinion, not enough to justify the potential negatives they can cause. Unlike bleach, whitening toothpastes tend to do the job using abrasives. They may make a little difference, but they can also cause recession of the gum line OR if your gums have already receded, they can cause abrasions (grooves) in the exposed roots. This can be worrisome, especially if you’re brushing incorrectly or using anything but a soft bristled brush, electric or manual. Maybe bleaching is the answer, where the whitening process occurs chemically using hydrogen peroxide (or a variation thereof) and abrasives are not an issue. Of course, there are factors to consider before bleaching as well, such as potential sensitivity or unrealistic expectations. So if whitening is something you want to consider, visit your dentist to see if bleaching is right for you or if other smile enhancing options are more appropriate to solve your particular needs.

– Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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