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The Early X-Ray Gets The Worm!

January 7, 2016
On occasion I am asked why x rays are necessary if “I’m not feeling any problems”. The answer is simple. While often times sensitivity (such as that to sweet, temperature changes or chewing) can present itself, just as often one can have a problem with absolutely no signs or symptoms. For example, a small cavity can create sweet sensitivity for one individual while a large cavity or even an abscessed tooth can cause no issues for someone else. I also like to tell people that when you start to know you have a problem, chances are it’s already a big problem. Best to catch things small and create less necessary dental work. Of course, x rays can also catch non-tooth issues such as cysts and tumours that may be growing quietly in the bone. Finally, how often we should take routine x rays really is a decision we make on a case by case basis. It’s always best to minimize  exposure and weigh the risks and benefits.


Dr. Jay Rabinovich

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