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Small, But Mighty!

December 8, 2017
Did you know that a crack in your tooth can be so small that an x-ray can miss it? You can feel the pain, but it may not be visible to the eye. This is likely a case of cracked tooth syndrome. It occurs when there is a crack in your tooth that is very small (sometimes under the gum). Most often this problem happens to your molars. Cracked tooth syndrome is a difficult problem to diagnose due to it’s size. It can happen as a result of grinding or clenching your teeth or from your natural bite. The pressure from clenching or biting can cause a tooth crack. If you are having toothaches, you should seek a dental professional’s help. To check if it’s a cracked tooth, your dentist will review your dental history, give you a complete oral examination and use radiographs. Sometimes they may use a fibre optic handpiece, which can assist in detecting the cracks. The course of treatment for a cracked tooth usually requires bonding, placing a crown or a root canal. In some severe cases it can require extraction. Either way, your dentist will help with the best treatment plan based upon the severity. Don’t ignore any tooth pain, no matter how small the problem may be physically – it can cause a lot of trouble! 
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