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Trick or Treat Time?

November 7, 2017
Did your kids come back from trick or treating with piles of candy? We are sure they are anxious to dig into their candy hauls! Before you warn them about overindulging, there are a few critical tips you should know from your dentist’s perspective. 
A common misconception is that the more candy or sugar consumed, the worse for your teeth. Although we are not going to advise overindulging, the more important concept to worry about is timing. Your mouth maintains a certain pH level to keep itself healthy. When sugars sit on your teeth, bacteria feed on them and produces acids as a result. These acids change the pH levels in your mouth and put you at risk for cavities! The amount of time that acids are in contact with teeth determine how much damage can occur. For example, it is far worse for your child to eat a lollipop where the sugar sits in their mouth for a long period of time (prolonging the changed pH level) than to eat two mini packs of skittles. It may seem like they have eaten more candy, but the length of time greatly affects acidity changes in their mouth and increases the risk of cavities. 
Sugars from candy are not the only problem. Acidic foods and beverages can cause just as much trouble. Try to avoid things such as citric fruits, sodas and fruit juice which are all high in acidity. Don’t forget that natural sugars are found in our everyday foods and can cause cavities too! Eat with time in mind and it will help keep you cavity-free. 
– Dr. Jay Rabinovich
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