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Dental Exams and Cleanings

Dental Exams and Cleanings Near You

A comprehensive dental cleaning and examination is vital to your oral health. Early detection of any potential issues will minimize the extent of treatment as well as potential costs associated with treatment. At Toronto Beach Dental, our dentist will perform a thorough dental exam when you first visit our dental office so that they can determine the condition of your oral health and ensure that you stay on the right path.


Each check-up exam will include:

  • The use and examination of diagnostic imaging
  • An examination of the tongue, throat, lips, neck, face, and oral tissues for oral cancer signs.
  • An evaluation of the bones and gums around the teeth for signs of gum disease
  • An examination of all teeth for signs of tooth decay
  • A check of current dental restorations such as crowns and fillings


What is a Dental Cleaning?

Professional dental cleanings are performed by one of our experienced dental hygienists.


Your dental hygiene appointment will include a full dental exam and:

  • The removal of tartar:

    Tartar, or calculus is plaque that has been left to harden on the tooth and requires special dental instruments to remove

  • Plaque removal:

    this is a sticky, film-like substance that forms on the teeth due to a buildup of food particles and bacteria. If left untreated, plaque can lead to gum disease.

  • Polishing:

    a polish will be applied to the teeth to remove any leftover plaque and stains that are not removed with brushing and scaling.




There are three main kinds of radiographs, or x-rays:

  • Bitewings:

    Usually taken at your bi-annual dental visits to check for cavities

  • Periapicals:

    Typically only taken when necessary for your dentist to see your entire tooth, including its roots and surrounding bone

  • Panorex:

    These are taken to chow the entire mouth and are often used to find tumors or cysts


Radiation Concern

Radiation exposure from dental x-rays is extremely minimal. There are safety precautions in place such as minimal exposure time and lead aprons to protect other areas of the body such as the abdomen, neck, and head.