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TMJ and Mouthguards (Nightguards) Near You

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMD) is a medical condition involving the jaw that is caused by several things such as having a bad bite or bad habits such as grinding or clenching due to stress and anxiety.

If you have TMD, you may experience jaw joint pain, clicking in the jaw joint, ringing in your ears, headaches, and several other symptoms. In severe cases, TMD sufferers may not be able to open their mouths wide, or will hear popping, clicking, or cracking sounds when they open their mouth.

The onset of TMD often occurs along with some sort of atypical stress in someone’s life, such as job-related issues, dealing with a loved one falling ill, or final exams. In a large portion of individuals, this stress leads to grinding and clenching either during the day or during night.

Often, patients will look for help from an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, or their family doctor before visiting their dentist.

The best way to protect against TMD symptoms is to wear a nightguard. This treatment often corrects the issue. If it does not, there are other treatment options that our Toronto dental team is happy to discuss with you.